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Response time and quality solutions are critical when developers need technical support. We have online and call-based support programs to meet the needs of every Clarion developer.
Take a look at our free online support forums. Then review our call-based programs. We have the right plan for those who need a little help — and for those who find themselves in need of assistance on a regular basis. Give Sales a call today and let them help you decide which plan is best for you.

Clarion Community Forums
The Clarion developer community is one of the best in the industry. The online forums are where Clarion developers meet and share information, and receive unlimited free support. The community forums help you obtain fast assistance from knowledgeable Clarion developers, and our own Support staff and developers. Clarion programmers from around the world use the newsgroups to get help, and exchange ideas and techniques. There are newsgroups for all Clarion products. This is also a great way to exchange ideas with other developers.

To get started with the community newsgroups simply use any NNTP newsreader to log into and subscribe to the discussion groups that interest you.

Clarion Live! Wikispaces
Clarion Live! hosts free weekly webinars that teach Clarion developers new techniques and show how to make things work. There is also an archive of Clarion webinars so you can watch at any time. It's a great resource for Clarion developers.

Get started with Clarion Live! webinars

Clarion Magazine
Clarion Magazine publishes in-depth articles on working with Clarion. ClarionMag is recognized as one of the single best resources for Clarion developers.

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Phone Support Plans

Start-up Support

This program is designed for the new Clarion user who may have installation and configuration questions. Free of charge within 30 days of the purchase of any SoftVelocity product.


Designed for the developer who needs occasional advice, and prefers the flexibility of a per-call technical support plan. Per-incident support calls are charged $60/hour.

Prepaid Support

The Prepaid Support plan offers a cost-efficient alternative to our call-based support for those who expect to have a regular need for technical support.
Program details:
Prepaid support is available in three-hour blocks. Each three-hour block costs $150. All prepaid blocks expire after one year.

Priority Support

This is a great plan for developers who require regular technical support.
Program details:
Plan includes 12 hours of technical support. Ten percent discount off all Clarion training CDs. A $100 discount on any SoftVelocity educational course. Annually renewable, support contract costs $700 per year


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