Clarion 11

Faster than ever!

The optimizations in the new compiler will build your Apps at least twice as fast, forget the long breaks between compiling!

Community and Support

The leaders in the Clarion community are migrating to Clarion 11 and are available on the news groups to help you migrate too!

Touch Support

Clarion has built-in support for Touch input, just recompile and your app is touch-ready


Clarion incorporates robust and easy to use TCP/IP communications capabilities, access web services in minutes.


The new IDE makes creating a new App or working on an existing one a breeze, modern, intuitive, with great productivity features.

Web Apps with H5

Imagine porting your Apps to the web with a few clicks and being able to support any platform using the language you love. (available for Enterprise Edition) The new AppBroker (free to distribute) lets you quickly deliver your application as an H5-Bootstrap web app, you can see some introductory video tutorials here.

Clarion 11

  • Communications

    New Library and templates for Sending Emails, Emailing Reports, and Sending SMS messages

  • H5

    Based on Bootstrap, H5 creates a Responsive Mobile-ready Web App with a few clicks! Easy to understand, easy to maintain, easy to deploy! Since it is based on Bootstrap, you can easily create your own themes, or use the ones that come pre-defined for you! (H5 is part of Enterprise Edition)

  • Responsive

    Forget about screen compatibility, with Clarion and H5, you can enjoy the same App on the Desktop, Tablet or a Mobile device, fully responsive, making maintenance a breeze!

  • Touch

    No need to hand code your App for touch support, with Clarion just a quick re-compile and you will have touch support on supported devices! That is the Clarion way!

  • Web Requests

    You can easily add networking features to your App, with a few clicks, your App is prepared to consume web services and pages

  • Icons and resources

    With a great library, Clarion will support your designer needs, instead of spending a lot of time finding the right icon for your App you can use any of the themes and add a professional look and feel!

  • Open Source

    With Clarion, SoftVelocity set a new level of commitment, now you can download pre-built beautiful Apps for you to use and modify, with real life applications and stored on GIT, where you can clone the REPO!

  • Education

    More and more Apps and examples are being posted on a frequent basis! Learning Clairon is easier than ever!

Need to know more? Here's a partial list of new features in Clarion


  • New modern IDE can run on 32bit and 64bit OS
  • Multiple Clarion Version Support : Ability to build any Project with any installed version of Clarion back to Clarion 4, using the corresponding versions' compiler, templates, and include files specified in the Redirection file, but taking advantage of the new IDE.
  • Template Language Editor with support for search of template symbols usage, and declarations
  • Exception log viewer: The exception log viewer will read the map files created when you built your project and use these to turn the stack trace in the exception log into a list of procedures so that you can quickly and easily find the point of failure.


  • New Email and SMS templates
  • Socket Communications templates
  • Simple Conditional EIP on a browse procedure
  • Use of ABC Classes on Clarion chain procedures
  • Powerful "Toolbox" support
  • Built-in extended manifest support
  • The templates have support for CSIDL locations for INI and data files
  • Header Click Browse sorting
  • New Window Resize options

User Interface (UI)

  • Office style Menu's with many built-in themes
  • Tabbed MDI windows
  • Four new Graphical styles for Sheet/Tabs
  • Complete Theme support for all controls
  • RichEdit support upgraded
  • Support embedded Tables and URLs


  • Big performance boost - in most cases your build time will be cut in half (or better).
  • Improved error detection and reporting.
  • The compiler's scanner uses the OS settings to determine the type of characters to expect. That allows for local national language alphanumerics to be used in identifiers (LABEL).


  • When a duplicate symbol error is detected the linker now reports which files the duplicate symbols exist in.


  • Display Graphical views of tables and relationships with the new Dictionary Diagrammer (EE)
  • Scan all important elements of your active dictionary using the new Diagrammer Reports View (EE)
  • Open multiple Tables for simultaneous editing
  • Arrange your own personal layout for editing of Fields, Keys and Relationships
  • TopSpeed Driver String Builder dialog includes support for the TopSpeed Enhanced Encryption Support driver strings.
  • Support for alternate field and blob names for SQL drivers for specific SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT clauses.
  • The driver string builder for ODBC based drivers now allows you to set the ZERODATE switch to any date value.
  • Dictionary supports Search and Replace across Files,Fields and Keys
  • Locators are available in all dictionary lists. The Locator searches the entire string and will find partial matches within the string. For example, if you search for "total" the search would locate "Sales_Totals_by_Amount".
  • Trigger support extended
  • You can now add Create and Fetch triggers in the dictionary, and the global embeds of the data app.
  • Dictionary Editor Trigger Properties list has been extended to include: Before Record Retrieval, After Record Retrieval, Before Create, After Create


  • Touch support is built in to the RTL, and no explicit code is needed for your program to respond to Touch input.
  • New Library and templates for Sending Emails, Emailing Reports, and Sending SMS messages
  • Registration-Free COM: You can deploy your Clarion program that uses COM/OCX controls without having to install and "register" the control.
  • Support for working with 64 bit numbers using the RTL's i64 functions
  • Native RTL support for HTML Help


  • Drop-in a template to put network communications into your applications (using TCP/IP over a LAN/WAN or the Internet).
  • You can pass messages (or files) between applications running on the same computer, and from one computer to another. You can also broadcast messages to all connected computers or processes. The templates and underlying QuickAppConnect class handles all the difficulties associated with socket programming.
  • Use HTTP or HTTPS to download web pages, or any other type of file. You can also post form data to web servers. Very easy way to send HTTP web requests (and receive responses) to Web Servers, REST Web Services, or standard Web Services, with the most commonly used HTTP verbs; POST, GET, PUT, and DELETE.
  • Web Requests (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE) via HTTP/HTTPS
  • Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3): Easily provide secure cloud server access in your App using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3). Use it for backing up data, sharing files, news feeds, etc.


  • PROPPRINT:SupportCopies : READ-ONLY property that returns TRUE if the current printer supports output of multiple copies.
  • PROPPRINT:SupportCollate : READ-ONLY property that returns TRUE if the current printer supports collating of copies.
  • Improved algorithm for display of disabled images
  • EVENT:MouseIn and EVENT:MouseOut events are posted when the mouse cursor is entering or leaving the active IMAGE control (IMAGE with scrollbars or the PROP:Active set to TRUE)
  • Added a new SYSTEM property; PROP:LowResourcesHook, to hook post-processing of low system resources handling
  • New memory heap management system allows better sharing of instances of the RTL and more efficient performance


  • Implement wider Template Dialogs (~2x wider) in Template prompts
  • The Applications Pad displays the modified date/timestamp of all Apps in the Solution
  • Added "Filled" and "Source" buttons to the Procedure Properties tab
  • AppGen now supports ? as a return type for a procedure/function
  • Template Selection Dialog: implemented 'Contract All' and 'Expand All' buttons
  • Completely re-factored for blazing code-generation speed!
  • Improved views of Procedures and Classes
  • Simultaneously Open multiple app files
  • Open multiple solutions that access the same dictionary in multiple instances of the IDE
  • Last edited Embed point is automatically selected in the Embed tree view


  • Ability to multi-select controls and mass update common properties.
  • Ability to multi-select controls in List Box Formatter and mass update common properties
  • Switch between compatibility modes
  • Enable Visual Styles in design mode
  • New and improved Page Layout View in Report Designer
  • Hide or display controls that are marked as hidden by default.
  • Toggle of visual transparent controls
  • Quick copy of controls (CTRL + DRAG)
  • New and improved Window Preview option built into the Structure Designer, with advanced data configuration options, and an instant "live" preview running in compiled code


  • Create 'Solutions' which can contain any number of individual Projects. This allows you to batch comple your multi-dll application.
  • Ability to build any Project with any installed version of Clarion back to Clarion 4, using the corresponding versions' compiler, templates, and include files specified in the Redirection file.
  • Add extra tasks to any Clarion project via the MSBuild system,(the new and extensible, XML-based build engine that is included with the .NET Framework 2.0).


  • Added support for UNICODE strings on the backend to the ODBC, SQLAnywhere, PSQL, and MSSQL drivers.
  • TopSpeed driver has new Encryption support. Use any encryption algorithm, supported by any encryption provider that plugs into the Windows encryption subsystem; including the Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider and Microsoft Enhanced Cryptographic Provider.
  • SQL driver(s): many enhancements designed to improve flexibility and performance.
  • SQLite driver for working with SQLite databases. SQLite is one of the most widely deployed databases in use today. SQLite databases are widely used on both iOS and Android (tablets and phones).
  • PROP:SQLRowSet : All SQL drivers now support PROP:SQLRowSet that can be used to execute SQL statements that return result sets, but are not SELECT or CALL statements.
  • MSSQL Driver: You can use SCOPE_IDENTITY to retrieve server identity values by adding /AUTOINCUSESSCOPEIDENTITY=TRUE in the driver string
  • The SQL drivers now set FILEERROR() and FILEERRORCODE() to give more details when you try to define a KEY who's component is a GROUP

ABC (Application Builder Class Library)

  • SystemStringClass: support dynamic string manipulation, encoding, compression, parsing, and more
  • SystemString Class: optimized methods Escape and UnEscape, and added new SetSubstring method
  • SQLexecutor class : ABC class support so that you can easily deploy and execute SQL scripts.
  • Json Class that converts Clarion data structures (string,queue,group,etc.) into a JSON object string representation
  • JSON Class: we added support to allow a JSON object to contain a BLOB and the contents of any physical file
  • ABC Class: New option to allow a Procedure to run only one instance.
  • Added support to the WindowExtenderClass to ensure only 1 instance of your executable is running. It checks if the process is already running, and if it is running, it gives focus to the existing process
  • Added support to the FrameExtension template to start the application only once (ABC and Clarion)
  • New method: SortHeaderClassType.GetColumnLabel; returns the label of the column (field name without the prefix)

New Source Code Editor

  • New productivity features such as code folding, access to the Dictionary from within hand-coded projects, Code Regions, and Procedure and Class navigators
  • Open file using the redirection file
  • Search in the current project directory, or using redirection
  • "Go to" Definition or declaration of a class or its methods

Clarion Command Line support

  • Expanded support and customization for the Command Line Interface Utility (ClarionCL). You can now build and run applications and convert dictionaries from outside the IDE.

New Template Editor

  • Editing your template files has never been easier. New productivity features such as code folding, quick section searches in drop list, and fast symbols and declaration searches in the context menu

Subversion support

  • Subversion options can be accessed via the context (popup) menu for solution items
  • Subversion options can be accessed via the context menu for Clarion for Windows projects
  • Subversion features of the IDE will use the text representation of a dictionary rather than the actual dictionary (DCT) if the dictionary is registered to auto import/export.
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  • In-Memory Driver
  • Dynamic File Driver
  • IP Driver and Data Server (IPDS)
  • Report Generators

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